Planning and Zoning

Some revisions and additions need a zoning permit, while others do not. So when in doubt, we are here to help! If you have any questions, please call the Village Zoning Inspector.

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Planning and Zoning Board

The Planning and Zoning Board is responsible for reviewing and acting upon applications for site plan approval; variances to the zoning code and subdivision regulations; to review all proposed amendments to, and rezoning of, the zoning code and map; and to hear and decide appeals of any decision or order made by the Zoning Inspector involving the Planning and Zoning Board jurisdiction.

Meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of every other month.


  • Mayor Amanda Lackey
  • Rob Kosch, Chairperson
  • Lynne Snider, Council Representative
  • Nathaniel Johnson, Member
  • Sam Schacht, Member

Zoning Inspector: